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I am 25. I've been writing music now for 8 years. I was lucky enough at 18 to be trusted to write songs for my father's feature length film "Mr. Dungbeetle."

I started a band when I was 21 called mudbison. It was fun writing and performing for a band, and like most bands do, we broke up merely because everyone got too busy with real life. I've never stopped writing or recording new material. 

Somewhere in the middle there, my father started production on a feature length film he had been writing for about a year. He asked me if I would like to score it, and I agreed. A profoundly daunting task -- but after that was finished, I started writing soundtracks for local student films.

I live in Provo, UT now with my saintly wife Lianna and my precious son Elija. I supplement the money from my soundtracks by working at a local gas station: Will's Pit Stop. Lovely place. 


Mr. Dungbeetle - Thomas Russell

For Robbing The Dead - Thomas Russell

Shaving - James A. Alexander

Weighted - Jordan Petersen

The Wolf & The Ewe - Jordan Augustine

Doritos Spot "Dummy" - Jeremy Warner & Derek Pueblo

Mr. Bellpond - A. Todd Smith (Student Emmy for Best Comedy and Director)

Dante's Hamlet - Babetta Kelly

BYU Promotional Piece "Tomorrow's Coming" - BYU

Clara Tales "Clara & the Trolls" - Jan and Eliza Dawson

Clara Tales "Two Brothers" - Jan and Eliza Dawson

Kiva Loans Documentary - Jennie K. Brown

Each Eye & its Ray - Hoope's Vision contest for Kody Threlfall

Love Song - McCaylen Croninger

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